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New Knowledge Ministries’

Formed by

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

© 2011 by Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly 

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New Knowledge Ministries’.


Here are the 20 Rules of New Knowledge Ministries.


1. Study New Knowledge in Religion

2. Think about this New Knowledge

3. Develop Critical Thinking

4. Learn to understand the way of knowledge particular to yourself

5. Learn to know your own faith viewpoints and your own mind

6. Ask questions of all religious leaders to grow in New Knowledge

7. Learn to understand that different people have different perspectives on Knowledge

8. Learn to seek the truth about New Knowledge

9. Develop patience as a virtue in your quest to understand New Knowledge

10. Pay attention to aspects of New Knowledge which appeal to you

11. Understand that some ideas in New Knowledge may work for you and some may not

12. Teach other people aspects of New Knowledge that you feel motivated to

13. Share your own New Knowledge with people with courtesy and respect

14. If you have insight, develop your own teaching of New Knowledge

15. Seek out Principles of New Knowledge which appear to be eternal – they will last

16. Write articles about New Knowledge

17. Give speeches about New Knowledge

18. Be well educated in New Knowledge

19. Stay culture current and up to date with New Knowledge

20. Keep on studying New Knowledge


So, in a sense, the philosophy behind ‘New Knowledge Ministries’ is to adapt to a world which constantly bombards us with new information on religious ideas as well as new ideas in all other areas of life, not just religious. It is a set of rules to create a mindset of how to cope with societal change and to work through issues which arise from other people to find your own faith in truth which will work and last for you.


In the ‘Eternal’ life of the World To Come, the purpose of ‘New Knowledge Ministries’ will be as a ‘Mentoring Ministry’ mainly intending to guide people in how they approach differing religions and to find an approach to adjust to and potentially incorporate ‘New Knowledge’ into their life. In this sense it is not so much a New Religion in its own right, although the rules contain religious thought, but rather it is a philosophy or approach to understanding the issues of a diverse array of spiritual knowledge presented to you and how you might go about finding within this knowledge, if you desire, those aspects which appeal to you.


I foresee that this ministry is more of a ‘Lecturing’ type of ministry in the form of ‘Speeches’ and ‘Presentations’ at business type seminars, rather than in a particular religious temple like sense. It is probably more in tune with a ‘Self Help’ philosophy than on specific religious truths itself, but its focus is on how to approach the religious question and approach the challenge of a diverse array of religious and spiritual thought.



In this sense I will be seeking for this ministry for the ‘World To Come’ scenario, men and women interested in specializing in this type of ‘Lecturing’ ministry, Are you the kind of person who, in the world to come, may be interested in working in this sort of sphere in a spiritual ministerial sense? If you are, read through this article a few times. I teach that the ‘Ultimate’ World to Come, beyond any second resurrections and so on is in a ‘Heavenly’ universe, were life goes on in a very similar way to as we know it on earth now anyway. Thus, if this kind of ministry sounds appealing to yourself, keep this in mind and connect to me in the ‘World to Come’ for a hopefully exciting and rewarding ministerial opportunity..


Some of the core associated beliefs thus are:


· God exists

· The World to Come is similar to this one in which the economic business world functions

· People in the World to Come seek answers also to illuminate their minds on spiritual principles

· Our Ministry can serve a purpose in the World To Come to connecting people to ideas they may find useful in their lives – connecting them to the right kinds of knowledge that are useful for them

· The avenue of our approach is Fee-for-service lectures in ‘Lecture Theatre’s’ for the business world and also for various religious bodies who might find use in our service


The movie ‘Up in the Air’ features a typical ‘New Knowledge’ ministry with the guru teaching, in that particular example, a ‘Minimalist’ approach to life. Our own ministry is, rather, to present people with the options available to them in the ‘New Age’ and the ‘Self Help’ and the ‘Spirituality’ and the ‘Religious’ world and give them the tools to learn how to incorporate those aspects of knowledge into their lives in a way which gives them personal satisfaction and fulfilment.